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10:33am 04/06/2006
wow, has it been that long?   
09:03am 28/05/2006
  so yeah.
things are okay on my end.
are they on yours?

how is everyone? bien?
working hard? playing any?
and all that good shit.

tell me a story.
so i can get to bed soundly.
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08:41am 05/01/2006
  i love weather. it seems the weather is frustrated lately, from being 68 and lovely yesterday to the possibility of snow on friday.

i was thrown into a possition at work last week. one that couldn't be helped. and the way it was done, with organization but without professionalism. yet this position will be over next week.
i make decent money. it's a cushy job, one of the cushiest. why am i complaining? Because it's retail, because i'm having to deal with the public only when something is wrong with what they purchased.

i want the sun to come out and bring some positivity with it.
tired of sitting in a pot of perpetual stirred shit.
retail manipulation.

movies that everyone needs to see.
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
Mysterious Skin.

both are a good mind fuck.
if you like that sorta thing.

And if you need something not so harsh try:
Connie and Carla
Hudsucker Proxy.

with love peoples.

"i'm so tired of keepin myself, keepin myself up.
gonna take a trip and multiply,
please go under with a smile"
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10:57am 05/12/2005
  it's december.
it hasn't been this cold for this amount of time in a while.
at least i can say i'm at a better point in my life than last year.
time to go be an assistant manager.

stay warm folks.

stephen colbert is a genious.
and tell me why oprah is spending millions to bring
"the color purple" as a musical to broadway.
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07:36am 18/11/2005
  so yeah. today....

harry potter at the IMAX and then the cheesecake factory.
it's such a beautiful day.

but fucking cold. smiley.
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02:13pm 06/10/2005
  so i'm working at the DGMarket in town. it's a good job. definately nothing you have to worry about. mostly mindless work, but with a creative project every now and then.

found a copy of "mom and dad save the world" on dvd at devil-mart for 4.50
that's a sin. and i gave in. jon lovitz is brilliant in that film.

about a month ago at work my boxcutter slipped off the box and tore into the flesh at the base of my thumb on the top side of my hand. i gave myself a thumb-gina. it mostly just leaked, but right before it decided to heal a month later... it bled like hell. go figure right.

whatever, lick me.
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this is, i don't know what this is....   
10:28am 27/06/2005
  so, uh, yeah. i'm gonna be in the community theatre production of "Little Shop of Horrors". i gots no big parts. then again i really didn't want one. i play a wino during "Skid Row", a customer "WHAT A STRANGE AND INTERESTING PLANT", and a big shot T.V. producer "Mr. Berstein"... i guess i can pull off the gay-jewish-producer-type...what the fuck.

i'm gonna go laugh now.
a trip to fire island   
05:12pm 21/06/2005
  a few pics.

the road the house was on...

me and mah bellah buildin' a big lizard...

the big lizard and me...
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11:58am 05/05/2005
  gerald the hawk- gladiator helmet

my foot

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got dangit   
10:14am 05/05/2005
  mandy came by not to long ago and let me burn a rufus and keane cd. and i let her explore the experience which is antony and the johnsons. it was fabulous.

well. plans are set. have to be in new york on june 6th, a couple of days in the city and the rest in a beachfront condo on fire island. so here's been the dilema, i can't get a job only to work it one month and then quit - that's just rude. so i've been doing odds and ends jobs such as painting my grandmother's bathroom, sitting room, back door, side door, and front door, steaming and cleaning her carpet, cleaning out the barn, rearranging the barn, cleaning my mom's house once a week. On the side though i've been keeping up with the crafting. WAL-MART No Longer Carries Plaster-Of-Paris! a staple in crafting. and they no longer carry it. whatever.

so i'm just procrastinating about what's really on my mind.

ever feel like the world is delaying your feelings of accomplishment, gratification, welcomeness? like for the past month you've been at the wrong place at the wrong time continually? like it has purposefully made you less adept to spelling large yet simple words? let alone having the trouble of speaking what you're thinking?

i feel like i'm at a fucking roadblock and the road that i can backtrack on is no longer behind me. of course the punching bad that you'd wail on has disappeared too, so all you have left is beating yourself up over coming down a back road to limbo. got dangit.
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unpathletic but indecisive.   
05:39pm 09/03/2005
  so here is what's happened and happening. dunna worry everything is fabulous.

1. team pinker.

Pookie(james's friend), james, and i have a band called team pinker. james plays drums and sometimes synth. pookie plays guitars and sometimes synth. i play synth and piano. we all play odd instruments other than those and we all sing. it's a beautiful thing. the bands motto " southern by birth, queer by the grace of god ". with songs such as "raging bumpkin", "sittin' on my rocket to space", "don't do drugs like a little girl". aww yeah. i totally enjoy my time rehearsing. the art/music collaboration thing really gets me off.

2. cosmolab.

james and i spent the last six months of last year working at cosmolab. a place that makes eyeliners and lipliners for maybelline, bonne bell, cover girl, etc. working in a factory is basically gonna be the same anywhere, especially if you are a temp. a face is just a face, they don't care who you are or where you come from, just a face. but if you can do your job, do it quickly and without problems then they like you. now add that kind of mentality to a place that has been going down the drain for the past five years. a place that is broke. a place where everyone fights for their position and don't care who they hurt. a place that needs three times more people. it was a bit of a war and in my own little way i fought back. right after they decided to hire me on to manage the contiuation of production of three machines, after they did all the paperwork, after they had spent two weeks training my ass... i walked out. fuck corporate. :)

3. new york.

shortly after cosmolab. james and i had no jobs and some money in the bank. james has a friend of his that lives in new york. his name is michael. he is also james's editor. and we had been talking about going up to see him for the past year or so. this was the perfect opportunity, so we packed our bags, threw them in my car, and i started driving. 19 hours later we arrived. it still amazes me that i drove in new york. it's not all that hard, just as long as you stay on your side of the road is all that matters, it's more like bumper cars if anything. the pictures from the last post are taken in new york. we stayed a week. drank wine, actually we drank beyond wine, so much fucking wine, some damn good wine. and ate extravagantly, james favorite story is how i vomited in the 19th best restaurant in the world - nobu. it was an hour after we had woke up and they served us raw oysters with different types of caviar on top, i had to taste it, i promised myself to taste everything that came to my plate. it tasted wonderful going down and just as good coming up. ha. but i think the best time i had was hanging with michael, bonnie, and james. they are beautiful and i couldn't have asked for a more mind opening experience than talking with them, collaborating with them, and being with them. they just fucking blow my mind.

so james and i are going back in june. mm-hmm.

4. future plans.

gonna get a job until june.
gonna go back to school in the fall learning how to interpret sign language.
gonna rock out some more with team pinker and lone music projects.
damn it's gonna be fun.

love ya'll.
kisses and davey hugs.
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guess who...   
08:04pm 07/03/2005



here we is.
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Play sausage! Who has the longest?   
02:56pm 12/06/2004
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10:11am 08/06/2004
  who's playing? .... BLONDIE!

who's opening for her? .... THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS!

i'm there.
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01:09am 07/06/2004
  lordy, lordy...

first, i apologize for not seeing mandy off back to hawaii.
second, i apologize to amy and e-beth for not seeing them when i was in a fevered-druged-what-the-fuck-is-happening-who-said-today-was-friday-coma.

much love for you ladies.


okay. the third harry potter movie... lovin' me some new director.
my money situation isn't good.
but my job still is rockin'.
less than two weeks to seein' pookie.
less than a month till new york.
my money situation isn't good.
but on the other hand it looks like my 'rents money situation is fabulous, considering the new "pole barn" and hot-tub situation.........riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

le sigh.....

i love jamey. i just want him to know that. even if he can whip my ass at chess.
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mornings are beautiful......then again.   
06:57am 24/05/2004
  it's been great.
imagine that, i still have the same job at dominos.
imagine this, james and i are still together and still doing well.
hehehhehe, i came out even in las vegas.
going to new york at the end of next month for about a week and a half :)

fun times.
love you all.
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one moment i'm here, the other i'm not.   
12:02pm 22/02/2004
  hey folks, it's the pisces that disappears and reappears when one is least expecting it.

there have been a few major things that have happened in the recent past, one being a few days ago.

i guess that i'll go with the good news first.
i'm getting married. to james. on halloween. :)
what suprised me was that he asked me, it's one of those things that i've always been prepared to ask.... but he caught me out of the blue and asked me. we both have jobs now, i working at dominos as a delivery boy, and he at a restaurant in columbia. most of both of our families know that we're getting married, and they all have said "cool". blessed is the time for homosexuals.

and now the bad news.
5 days ago, my great-grandfather "pa" was taken to the hospital and put ICU... he didn't last through the second night. it was quite unexpected because he's been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 months... and nothing too serious. he was a fighter and was till the very end, cursing nurses for heaven knows what. the family misses him greatly. he was the last of the great-grandparents i had, and the one i knew the most. from his WWII stories to his dirty jokes. love you pa.

talk to ya'll laters.
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11:25am 22/02/2004

Weather Loach

Battle Rating

wonderlandboy was found trapped in a can of tuna

Can your fishy beat wonderlandboy ?
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12:59pm 27/12/2003
  i shaved my head,
i shaved my he-ead,
oh it's all gone
with my hair in a box
no more worries before bed.

jamey's moved in,
jamey's moved i-in,
oh it's all fun
with his butt in the bed
he's just a plaguist nun.

i love you all,
i love you aa-all,
almost the new year
with my hair in a box
with his butt in the bed
with a ring on my finger
i've got you guys near.

much love to y'all. :)
hello you coal black smith   
08:15pm 29/11/2003
mood: pensive
crunch time is awful. it's most likely what i get, 'cause i know i could've prevented most of it. but when your small ass conservative town decides to change and inevitably shut down another one of the bigger companies ... it leaves you with little to no places to work within a 30 mile radius...

ahhh, working in cool springs is such a delight. especially at a trendy store like pottery barn, where we bring little knick-knacks, faux fur anything, and overpriced furniture to the masses. it gives me such a warm and fuzzy approach to everything. at least most of my coworkers are friendly. i think there is a total of 7 guys that work there out of the 35 to 40 that work there at the moment. one is the stock manager, another is the "design studio" manager, 2 others work on the floor, and the others work in the stock room....but are rarely there except on truck days.
it's kind of odd working in an environment where there are 7 managers. i work in the stock room. all the managers have a task for me to do. all think that their task is as equally important as the next. plus all of the stock calls from the floor. not to say that the place isn't a well oiled machine, because it is. but there comes a point to where i just block out trying to make everyone pleased to make them happy or to get them off my back, i just end up telling them that i have other things that i'm doing and i'll get to that as soon as possible... ahh well.

i'm glad when i'm off work and i go see jamey. he can always bring a sense of comfort around me. and all of you guys can always bring a smile to my face. so it all works out. hehehehe.

thanksgiving went quite well.
1. brought jamey to my fam's thanksgiving.
2. ate dinner
3. made love
4. ate again
5. then slept for 13 hours.

not to be off the topic, but for the first time i used a cock ring the other day..... and it was fabulous. :)
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